So we talk about our process a lot, but what is it and how does it set us apart from others in the home improvement and house extension market? 

Well we noticed over many years of working in this field that most homeowners only know and understand certain steps required to achieve an extension, loft conversion or renovation project. Whilst most knew the basics, i.e. they needed a design and of course a good builder; the majority had no idea about the different levels of planning required, party wall compliance, building regulations, structural calculations and budget requirements to name but a few. 

Whilst it would stand to reason that most of this information would have been discussed and clarified at the very start with potential renovators by their chosen architect/design team, we found this was very rarely the case. Needless to say this lack of knowledge and understanding of what is required, when its required and by whom inevitably leads to delays and escalating costs for those embarking on such a project. 

Traditionally, to comply with all elements required to achieve an extension project, a client would need to engage the services of many different and separate professionals and trades. These include, but are not limited to, an architect or architectural designer, a structural engineer, building surveyor, party wall surveyor, quantity surveyor, a builder and of course then a private or local authority building control for the inspections.

Likewise, we noticed that there were very few, if any, companies around offering all these required services all under one roof. That’s why ExtensionPRO Limited was founded; to simplify the process and make the journey clear and completely transparent. We offer absolutely every services required by homeowners from start to finish. We design, take care of the planning (if required), cost planning, building regulations, party wall matters, structural calculations, right through to the most important phase, construction. What’s more, our clients will have one single Project Manager who will guide them through and oversee every step from the very start all the way to practical completion.

Our clients have one point of contact throughout every stage and are kept completely informed of stage, timings, programme, budget requirements, etc. What’s more, all our services are available on a completely pay-as-you-go basis, helping them with the early stage costs and budget control.

Our ethos, indeed our guiding principal, is simple:

  • One Company,
  • One Point of Contact,
  • One Easy Experience!

Get in touch with a member of our experienced team today at or email us on; we look forward to helping you achieve your property vision. 

To see what budget you may require for your proposed extension, why not try our budget cost calculator found on our homepage. Of course every property and extension type are completely different, so this should be viewed only as a very high-level costing. However, from our experience, it does give a realistic idea of the budgetary requirements from design, right through to construction.

Thanks for reading and be sure to look out for our next blog which will cover the first step, Design!




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